Sunday, May 23, 2010


This guy is supposed to be plastic!

I feel like I need to just re-do my daemon prince now...

The Karios and Changeling model make me waaaay happy, so does the Daemon Prince. Where's the Nurgle love?


  1. I like Fateweaver and the changeling for sure. They really have a cool vibe and with any luck, Fateweaver will be plastic (though I doubt it).

    The other models are fairly cool (not sure about the horrors - I prefer the old sculpts) more plastic is always welcome.


    It would have been a great way to double up too. Like the tyranid sprues, they could have put a few nurglings on each bearer sprue. That way people would have had to buy lots of plastic boxes to get more nurglings.

    GW, why can't you bring things out to cover all of the troops choices in plastic at the least? You're prices look high enough to support it (and soon to go higher).

  2. I agree completely. I think all nurgle units should come with a few nurglings. The fluff and what not sort of supports them crawling all over every nurgle anything, units, advances, just everything.

    The bearers...I'm not sure how I feel about them. They're sort of a middle ground to the Keeper of Secrets bird and the Flamers warping shape constantly. The seekers are cool, just to finally have them available again.

    WAAAY exctied about the Juggernaut and the daemon prince...especially the prince.