Monday, July 26, 2010

Island of Blood: Specific contents revealed!

From  What's New Today on the GW site.

The set contains 74 models:
(As a side-note: ALL of these models snap together without needing glue, though I would use glue anyway. This usually leads to the same flexibility in posing that pining does in terms of trying to get it just right.)
  • High Elves
    • 1 Prince on Giffon
    • 1 Mage
    • 10 Sea Guard
    • 10 Sword Masters
    • 5 Ellyrian Reavers
  • Skaven
    • 1 Warlord
    • 1 Warlock Engineer
    • 40 Clanrats
    • 1 Master Moulder
    • 2 Rat Ogres
    • 1 Warpfire Thrower
    • 1 Poisoned Wind Mortar
There is going to be a new post on the GW site, parallel to What's New Today, that is going to catalog two guys combining two Island of Blood sets (one taking all of the Skaven, the other taking all of the High Elves), then upping the armies to 2000, then 3000 points. It should be pretty cool to follow along.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Island of Blood and an 8th Edition Rulebook FAQ

Today's daily Warhammer post is about the Island of Blood. Unfortunately there is no list of all the models, but the advance order date is apparently August 10th. I e-mailed Andy to see if he'll disclose the models included, but I imagine that, even if he doesn't, we'll find out early next week.

The other gem of the day is an 8th Edition Rulebook FAQ.
There are a few little gems in there, like clarification on "Extra Attack" stacking and how the Purple Sun works. Really I think they were pretty obvious, but they weren't RAW, so it's nice to have it spelled out.

For those who don't know, because it frustrated me for a bit: RAW is "Rules as written" and RAI is "Rules as intended".

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I sort of feel better now...sort of: More Daemons!

The Bloodcrusher and Karios Fateweaver kits have reared their heads finally: More Daemons

I'm still incredibly disappointed at the sheer lack of Nurgley goodness in these new daemons. Ah well...*stares listlessly into a small cauldron of stewing filth, idly swirling the contents with a slowly withering ceramite rod*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Daemon Kits Up for Pre-order!!!

The Daemon Prince, Pink Horrors, Seekers, and Changeling are there. No mention of the Bloodcrushers or Karios though...or a date.

My real excitement here is the Daemon Prince kit...Just look at these wonderful, plastic sprues!

The price is only listed for the Changeling, $16.50USD. I'm already working on ideas on how to extend this kit into two princes. It doesn't look hard...