Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So eBay is awesome...

I've been lurking in eBay for a while now. Basically bidding $1.00-$2.00 on everything Warhammer related I might want hoping one day to get lucky. I realized that probably wasn't ever going to happen, so I started upping it to $10.01-15.01 depending on what it was. It has yielded some nice results.

So far I've managed (all with free shipping):
CSM Attack Squad (5 CSM, no special weapons or champion): $5.51 (Normally $20.00)
2x CSM Rhino: $20.01 (Normally $30 each!)

Chaos Warhounds: $10.01 (Normally $22.00)
Nurgle Champion: $2.00 (Normally $15.00)

I'm really happy about one little thing I treated myself to, a Baneblade. $52.25 (including shipping). It's a $99.00 model, so really it's a damn fine deal. I'm going to attempt a Plaguereaper with it! Very exciting!

So the point of all this wasn't really to brag, so much as to inspire you guys to look around. If there is something you know you want, but aren't really concerned with getting it right now or even at all really, eBay is a great place to go. Listings go up for $0.99 everyday. Bidding $5-$10 on a $50 model is satisfying when it comes through. Not to mention the new toy you won :)

Here's hoping this Venerable Dreadnought comes though at $7.51...23hours left! It probably won't. Someone will snipe it up to a good $20 at least, but that's okay. For now my problem is I need to go  back to $1-$2 for a month or so. That way I'll actually take me time to do the ones I've won right and avoid spending too much money.

Buying a $99 model for half price is cool, but, if you also spend ~$50 on other models, you still spent $100!

The old Flesh Reaper!

I realized I hadn't posted pictures of the textured wings! BEHOLD!!!
(As usual, click the images for a closer look)

A new Flesh Reaper!

This is my first Chaos Marine. I've begun converting him into a Flesh Reaper (Raptor). His feet are rotting away. The left (his left) foot is, ideally, going to end up as an intestine tube looking thing, most likely spewing the same filth the first one had coming from the vents on his pack. The idea is to try to mix up how they're suspended in mid air. I'm also liking the rotting horns, especially the one that's rotting close to the head and almost falling off.

The guts are what he was really a test of, and they came out perfect. I cut into the hollow middle where the body halves met and stuck some rolls of "organ" shaped green stuff in there. Then I drilled some matching holes on the top and bottom, and stuck some green stuffed wire in there. I think for the next one, instead of hollowing it out, I'm just going to cut straight across like he's rotted straight through, his body only held together by some remaining tendrils of flesh, bone, and/or muscle.

Further plans for this one: Bore out some holes going up the leg to sort of show that the leg is rotting all the way up in the armor. Some general texture-ing to make it a bit less smooth and more Nurgley. Still not 100% on what I'm doing with the arms or the backpack. He is going to have a bolt pistol and a hand scythe (think Kama, Wikipedia: Kama (weapon)). I'm also not looking forward to making anymore wings...But I shall carry on!

Coming up next: the first Flesh Reaper....PAINTED! *Gasp!*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flesh Reaper Test Model: MOAR PICTURES!

(As usual, much higher res images if you click the images, and I'm sorry all I have is a cell phone to take the pictures with.)
This is my test model for the Flesh Reaper raptors. I don't really like him for a Flesh Reaper just because they're supposed to be rotting and gaunt and I didn't really achieve that. I did build him in completely the wrong order and I'm still not done with him.

There is no work on the backpack at all. The stomach has been carved out and will soon have flaps of flesh hanging down from it.

The streams coming down from vents are ultimately going to be streams of filth, splashing on the base.

I have some regular CSMs coming in the mail in a few days, so I'm trying to do as much with him as I can to be ready for those.

All that said, I do think he's pretty cool :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

About all that Nurgle I've been talking about...

This is pretty picture heavy, so I apologize if it hurts your computer :) Click them for higher resolutions.

This is the Nurgle Palanquin I've been working on. The idea is Nurgle's favored champions are ocassionally blessed with a great palanquin. They're born on the backs of great plague beasts or mounds of swarming nurglings.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. The slime beast on the bottom is really a ball of foil I covered in green stuff. I've seen the idea in a couple of places and it's turning out to be a great way to make a base shape. Cheap, and you don't care if you mess it up!

The actual palanquin is just square plasticard made to look like hewn wooden planks. I added some nurgley mounds on top, some little clumps of stuff on the bottom hanging down, etc. The real problem I'm having is trying to differentiate between the wood and the leathery skin. The idea is several planks were laid down in a solid base, then a section of hide, presumably from a great kill, was laid across it, and then the four framing boards were put down in a square to make the border.

My real problem is differentiating the two in color. Any suggestions for leathery hide or wood?

Other than that I'm planning on one big eye on the front, with mouth similar to the beast in the pictures and some tentacle things dragging behind it leaking/spewing/dumping filth behind it. Nurgle's kind of gross like that :)

I really hate the post editor here for trying to layout pictures...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where do you buy your models, etc. (Also some rambling)

I've been buying stuff from Games Warehouse (thanks Adam, from Warhammer Tau, for having the Ad on your site) for a few months now. 20% discount and free international shipping, it's hard to beat. Yesterday I got an e-mail from them saying they will no longer be delivering outside of the UK...

Now I have a problem. I really don't want to go back to paying full price. I really feel like the 20% off is where the prices ought to be. A $72 battalion/battle force is just so much easier to justify than $90, and the prices are only going up.

So where do you guys get your models? I've found a few 10% places, but the consistent (not on sale) 15%-20% is proving more difficult to find, though I'm probably just being greedy :)

- - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - -

A bit more of an update: I've become Nurgle obsessed lately. I'm working on a complete Warriors of Chaos battalion + Exalted, painting, based, with movement trays, and possibly a custom palanquin (I can't figure out how I want to do the underside). Imbetween that I'm also working on my wife's wood elves. The Dryads are almost done (probably done tonight) and looking quite nice. I'm really happy with them.

All in all I seem to have needed a bit of a 40k reprieve, so it's been a lot of Fantasy lately. I'll post pictures sometime late this week. Probably including my roommates Raven Guard Dreadnought that has been half finished since I took it apart 2 months ago.

Hooray for making goals (and sticking to them so far)!

On a related note: The new Imperial Armour 8 is supposed to feature Raven Guard and Orks. I'm curious to see what all they come out with :)

Has anyone tried Battle Missions?