Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bunch of WIP stuff

It's been a while. I've had some interesting legal troubles with my now ex-friend and ex-roommate. I still have no idea what happened...but anyway, fun stuff!

WFB 8th Edition is on the horizon, and I've been in a fervor to finish as much of my Flesh Reapers as I can so that I can then completely ignore them in favor of my beloved fantasy. Don't get me wrong, 40k rocks, but I'll probably never escape my love of swords and magic.

I have also done a lot of re-thinking of the army structure. I still love raptors and bikes, but they're just...not good enough. The both do the same thing and it's almost all supporting. I'm digressing, PICTURES!!!!

I obviously missed a bit of the track on the back there...OTHER than that, I'm very pleased with how this is going. I haven't decided on how to paint the symbols or "tubes" yet. I really like the exhaust feeding into the smoke launchers. It worked out nicely.

I'm also thinking about spreading the red bloody areas around a bit. Which would be Ogryn Flesh, possibly with some veins of Baal Red.

Here's the process (I don't use a lot of GW paints, so I apologize if the colors are a bit off):
  • Primed White
  • Hull:
    • Base the entire thing in Elf Flesh.
    • 2 Washes of Gryphonne Sepia on the WHOLE thing
    • Bloody Areas
      • A heavy wash of Ogryn Flesh
      • An even coat of Baal Red, staying away from the edges
      • A light wash of Leviathan Purple, only in the recesses.
    • I think I'm going to finish it off with a complete wash of Devlan Mud followed by another Sepia Wash, though I might restrict the Delvan Mud to just recessed areas. (This should get it to be the same as the armour on my Plague Marines).
  • Metal
    • Based Boltgun
    • Heavy dry brush of Tin Bitzy
    • I think I'm going to stipple some orange on there lightly and then dry brush Boltgun over it again.
  • Details
    • I obviously need to do all of the details.
      • The Space Marine helmet is going to be painted like Raven Guard (my roommates Space Marine army).
      • The Termagaunt head on the other Rhino (pictured below) is going to be painted like my roommates Tyranid army.
This one I haven't started painting yet. I need to get another tube in there for the bolter. Note the Termagaunt head on the back spikes.

 Now to change gears to my (still) second WIP Raptor. He's come a long way.

I tried to do a miniature version of the Warband Icon on the Rhinos on his shoulder, but I failed miserably. It's just too tiny! So now his shoulder is rotten in much the same fashion as the Daemon Prince.
  • The axe needs to be made into a scythe (like a Kama).
  • I'm going to fill in the lines made by the muscles, possibly also hollowing out the muscles for more rotting, bloody goodness. (It's a Chaos Warrior Marauder arm, btw)
  • The wings are magnetized.

    I decided against trying to make custom bases that tied into each and every Raptor and am going with the flying bases I got when I bought the Gargoyles (for their wings).

    Side-note: It is deliciously evil to buy a box of Gargoyles and just use the wings when you live with a Tyranid player!

    So that's where I'm at. Happy gaming!


    1. These are great looking models. Consider your ideas stolen if I ever get tempted back into GW enough to make a nurgle army ;-)

      I like that you haven't got a green theme going on either. It's a refreshing change, though the rhino might benefit from a couple of contrasting green/pus splotches to bring out the different tones.

      Awesome work on the raptor as well. That's a great way to make a flying marine!

    2. Thanks :) As always, the whole reason they're on the internet is comments, criticism, and stealing!

      I'm going to do green slime bases for the Plague Marines, which will give them that green contrast. I'm not sure how to do it on the vehicles. I imagine I would do it via the warband symbols, but I just really haven't decided yet. Do you have any suggestions?

      I'm going to do all of the details before I really make anymore changes to it, just so I can be "sure".

      I'll try to remember to post a picture of one of my Nurgle Daemon bases tonight.

    3. The green bases is a great idea. For the Rhino, maybe you could have some green ooze coming out of the viewing slits and other openings in the hull (under doors etc.). That way you would get the contrast but not take away from the excellent fleshy vibe you have going so far.

      Thumbs up.

    4. I was actually planning on doing some kind of glowing effect around the "eyes" on the front...that could be a good way to go.

    5. That sounds cool. It only needs a couple of spots of colour to bring out the contrast. You should already have some of that because of the Nid and marine heads on the spikes so a bit on the front will work great.