Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Daemon Kits Up for Pre-order!!!


The Daemon Prince, Pink Horrors, Seekers, and Changeling are there. No mention of the Bloodcrushers or Karios though...or a date.

My real excitement here is the Daemon Prince kit...Just look at these wonderful, plastic sprues!

The price is only listed for the Changeling, $16.50USD. I'm already working on ideas on how to extend this kit into two princes. It doesn't look hard...


  1. Wow that looks nice. I don't think it would be too much challenge to make it into two kits. As far as I can tell, legs are the only shortfall and those could easily be built up with green stuff over a paperclip frame or perhaps an old set of terminator legs.

    Shame they couldn't just have some plastic plaguebearers though. What a missed opportunity.

  2. Legs are the only thing missing. I think the Terminator legs would be a bit small...

    Daemon Prince next to a Death Guard Marine

    ...but would give you a point to build up from. I was thinking slug or maybe even something a little djinni like, but I'm not sure those would turn out too great. I'm a bit eager to try my hand at sculpting up the lower half though.

    Completely agree about Plagubearers...I'd probably have nabbed 50 just in case they mystically vanished when someone realized they escaped from dream land >.>

    I'm almost hoping they magically appear when the Bloodcrusher and Karios kits show up. It's a zero chance, but I'll hope for it anyway :)