Thursday, December 23, 2010

Real Quick Vote

The semester is over and I got a new camera. I have actually done a ton of modeling and a bit o' painting in the past few months, but it's all been Nurgley. On a related note: Having actual tools, as opposed to using toothpicks, for Greenstuffing is SO MUCH BETTER! It was actually weird to have so much control...

So the question: Should I make a new blog for my Nurgle adventures, or just post it here? The only bit that really makes me >.> about it is that I stole the name Run'al from the Tau codex. It means hidden bunker. See the url? (Runal is the name of a GURPS derivative and I couldn't have the apostrophe in the url.)

Opinions in the comments....GO!

Also, I apologize in advance for taking exactly zero pictures of my Daemon Prince before I primed him...I got too excited and forgot...

Edit: <3 to 3++ is the new black  for linking to my blog that has been dead for over 3 months. Seriously, that blog makes my work days so much better. Good reading.


  1. I would say keep the blog.

    It's fun when you have a history to a blog site even if it veers away from the original topic.

    Hmmm, on the other hand the idea of compiling all the Nurgley goodness into a single blog is a good idea. Perhaps that is the better choice.

    Not helpful, sorry ;-)

  2. That is impressivly unhelpful :) I was going to post stuff tonight, bit my darling wife hijacked the new camera :(

    I think I'm going to stick to this one. Probably going to green it up a not though. My tai are green anyway.