Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sometimes Nurgle speaks to me...(Pictures)

I've had that Flesh Reaper idea for about a month now, but I forgot what set off the original post: the images I made in photoshop to test the whole "Winged Raptor w/scythe" theory:

I did some with jump packs, some without, varying numbers of wing segments. These obviously have no color or conversion work. The wings are the new plastic gargoyle wings. It's all in photoshop so I can actually turn the various wing segments, jump pack, and scythes on and off. It was pretty sweet.


  1. Wow, looking great to me. Where is the scythe from?

  2. I googled for Nurgle scythes first. I found a good one in the right perspective for the lord pretty quickly, because it's pretty much straight on. The Raptors were a bit more difficult because of the perspective I wanted. I ended up going to wowhead and finding the scythe I remembered a lv70 event boss dropped. I looked at it in their 3D viewer, rotated it to about where I wanted, and took a screen shot. I had to do some minor changes in photoshop to get the angle right, but being so close as a starting point kept it from warping the image.

    The Lords Scythe
    The Raptor's Scythe

    Side Note For those who don't know: If you hit the PrintScreen key, it saves your entire screen to the clipboard (even multiple monitors). Go into paint (or whatever image editing program you like) and hit ctrl+v (or however you like to Paste) and you'll have your screen shot :)