Saturday, January 1, 2011

Look! It's a Dreadnought!

Last night I took around 100 pictures of everything I'm working on. Expect them to appear in the near future. I also have three dreadnoughts and a box of Chaos Terminators in the mail. Christmas is awesome!

This is my roommates dreadnought. He plays Raven Guard, but he isn't much for painting. His poor little dreadnought was...imagine assembling an old Metal dreadnought with hot glue, and then priming it black from exactly one direction (from the top, very slightly to the front). That's what he did to it when he was ~12yrs old. He's 24 now.

I took it upon myself (with his permission) to try to save it. I love dreadnoughts, for many of the same reasons I love Tau battlesuits. They're just awesome. This is where he stands right now:

I obviously still have work to do. He needs iconography, some scribbling on the parchment bits, high lighting all over the place, some washing on the metal bits/cabling, and the base needs some touching up (at least painting the rim).

That said, he's been in pieces for a while now. It's kind of a solid checkpoint that he's on a base and usable again.

Because I love input: I was thinking he needs symbols on the front right torso plate, each weapon arm, and maybe one of the leg armors. Thoughts about what where? That seems like too many to simply free hand the chapter symbol.

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