Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Warhammer Room

Since me roommate moved out a few months ago, I have lived a dream. A dream of having an entire room, with a door!, dedicated to my plethora of plastic and metal soldiers. I give you...the Warhammer room:

The room
Most of the painting/modeling supplies (that aren't on the table)
This table is periodically very neat and tidy...You can see a lot of things if you click for the high res image.
I got Space Hulk for Christmas!!! Also, I made a light "box".

More storage!

I don't know how possible it is for most of you, but my lovely wife was eager for me to take over this room (to get it out of the rest of her apartment). It really is a magical thing to be able to walk in, shut the door, and enjoy. It's also protection from certain furry things that like to knock things on the floor for certain other furry things to chew on...

I just need to add some shelves so it can be a kept a bit neater. That's an 8'x4' table btw, to give you an idea of the scale.

Because I like to include questions: Does anyone know of a ceiling light, preferably with a fan, fixture that doesn't require cutting into the ceiling for power?


  1. Very nice Dhinanta.

    One upside of separating from my wife (aside from still remaining great friends) is that the apartment is all mine now. After my new girlfriend brought round some extra kitchen cabinets to redo my cooking area (gotta love dating an interior designer) I had two shelving units that were now free.

    So I've managed to migrate a bunch of my wargaming stuff out into the main living room and it's a lot of fun. It's much better having a space to display everything, both for the enjoyment of guests ('wow, you painted that?') and for inspiration to keep working on things.

    Of course, I also keep my shinpads, hand wraps, boxing and MMA gloves on the shelf next to them so I can offset geek credentials with cage-fighting hobbies lol


  2. Cage-fighting eh? Sounds awesome. I tend to offset my geek credentials with Starcraft 2 and board doesn't work so well >.>

    Two out of four goals for this year: Start no more new projects until I finish what's on that table and win a SC2 tournament. I'm good at being a nerd :) I'd argue I get paid for it!