Monday, April 18, 2011

Amera Terrain Unboxing

See that little circle on the bottom right of the top? That's a quarter...

Hoolllly crap! This is an unbelievable amount of terrain. I am so incredibly pleased with these pieces. The quality is really there. I even like the excess around all the edges. I don't know if it's plasticard, but it cuts like plasticard. It's just enough to be a good boundary, so none of that "Where is the boundary of the ruin?"

I almost couldn't get this all in the frame...

This is a fallen helicopter ship sort of thing.

This needs to be separated into three pieces.
This needs to be separated into four pieces.

Dreadnought cover save? Ooooh yeah.

Everything in a bag needs to be assembled. They're all medium/large buildings.

I'm soooo excited about all this. More to come after I separate the joined pieces and assemble the buildings. Then...PAINT! Just as a reminder, NOTHING here cost more than about $16. And it all came from this wonderful establishment.


  1. Looks awesome. Will you be painting it up soon? I'm thinking spraying will be the best option :-)

  2. I don't have a spray gun, but I do have some gray and red clay colored primers. I'm going to do...pretty much everything with both as a base (clay for the ground, gray for the stone), and then paint up from there.

    Two things are slowing me down right now. For one it's been raining and hot for 2 straight days (since I got it all), so I can't prime anything because it's too humid. The second thing is that these building that require assembly....well let's just say some of them are damn fidgety!

    But I shall not yield! Also, I think my darling wife is going to help me paint it is rather a lot...

  3. Dhinanta, what a great review of our scenery and link thanks so much. Did you get any painted you could share on our new facebook page? at

    we are looking to share reviews, pictures of our products painted and welcome feedback and suggestions
    if you are happy to let us share this reivew on the facebook site that would be appreciated

  4. It's been incredibly slow going. In the past year I've been through 3 jobs, 2 apartments, and bought house about 2 months ago!

    The short version of that means is that, since May of last year, all of my war-gaming stuff has been boxed. I should be breaking it all out again quite soon! I just have to finish setting up shelves and cabinets and tables for it all :)

    It is all base coated though, which will probably be my first post here when I break it all out again. The terrain is number one on my list to paint. I had to pack it all up while it was still my favorite new toy, so I'm sort of itching to get at it.

    Just a few more walls to paint and furniture to acquire/setup.

  5. Oh, and I do have a spray gun now!!!

  6. I'm glad about the spray gun! and hope you unpack and have fun with the terrain. Just let me know if you are happy to share this article on facebook as an example of how we ship all over?

  7. my last sentence doesn't read well, I mean we thought your blog was really good, and as the company making the scenery, it is really good to hear people look forward to receiving it!!