Sunday, April 3, 2011

Metal Terminators into....Obliterators!!! (Part 1)

Hello all. A little while ago I got a box of really cheap metal Chaos Terminators on ebay. I was a little disappointed, because I hadn't realized they were metal at the time I bid. I really like metal models, but they're kind of a pain to convert relative to plastic ones.

Now that I've actually gone about it though, I'm kind of happy with the way they're working out. The only exception is the one that looks like a techmarine. It's going to take some clever greenstuffing to fix that...

All that said, this is phase 1. Phase 2 will be green stuff.

Group Shot

How do I make him not a tech marine?

My roommate thinks he looks like a Genestealer.
Bolter rack! 7 for Nurgle! (I actually just happened to have 7 loose bolters)

I'm going to try to model these to be more Plasma Cannon like and less bolter like.The back is going to have to connect to...something.

 Some random desktop shots and the Dreadnoughts I'm working on.

I really need to suck it up and do the trim on these guys. It's the only part I hate and the thing holding them back from being finished.

I don't know what to do with the guy on the left :(

I know I promised better pictures of the marines I posted last time, but I primed them and...I can just never get my camera to focus on primed models. Those will come sometime after I finish the second base coat and first wash. I love the guy covered in cables...he's my new favorite model :)


  1. Looking very nice my man. I'm with you on the metal termies. I've just been offered a trade involving lots of the old Grey Knights. It's cool but I hate dealing with metal models haha.

    For the dreadnought, how about sculpting some kind of ammo belts hanging down with lots of goopy autocannon shells?

  2. That's definetly a good idea. I think I might just do that to all three. Maybe one with some sort of sack lookig thing over the ammo things. I'm a bit more concerned with the chaimfist at the moment though. I just don't like it at all. I have a lot of Nurglification to do to the dreads yet.

    I've been contemplating the Grey Knighs myself. I seem to be a big fan of the small, elite, tough armies.

    If you haven't yet, I really reccomend reading Dragio's profile in the codex. What be did to Mortarion...after reading it, I just have to find a way to build an army around him...

  3. How about some tentacles looping out of the chainfist army housing? They could be there to pull enemies onto the chainfist blade.

  4. You might be onto something there...Sort of magna grapple into the chainfist...hrm.

  5. Yeah, a goopy, organic, diseased grapple thing.

    If your sculpting skills are feeling good, perhaps make up some musculature to go further up the arm. Make it like a symbiotic, tentacled creature.

  6. Like the whole army itself is a separate creature sort of thing? I like it...

  7. Yeah, pretty much. Or it's a nurgle creation that has infested the dreadnought's shoulder and pulls things onto the chainblade so it can feast on the resultant gore.

    Your green stuff skills are solid so it would look great. Carve out a chunk of the shoulder army to set the beasty in, have some wires poking out then greenstuff the tentacles on top.