Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Purple!

I purpled the red areas a bit. I like it. It looks much more bruised injury. I also put a thin layer of yellow on the wings only. I don't think you can tell in the pictures...Not 100% sure where I'm going from here, but I do think it was a good step :)


  1. Looking gross and Nurgley. Excellent stuff.

    Going onwards I would suggest a bunch of brown/yellow/green washes to really mess around with the current colours and make them look like they are decaying at different rates. Then I would look at brightening up the areas with different highlight areas.

    My nurgle colouring for a dread and predator I did for someone is - Black primer, drybrush scorched brown, drybrush bestial brown, drybrush Catachan Green, wash with badab black, drybrush Catachan mixed with a dull yellow, drybrush Catachan with mixed with a bit of bleached bone, wash with devlan mud, drybrush Catachan with mixed 50/50 with bleached bone, wash with Gryphonne Sepia, drybrush lightly with bleached bone.

    Then add details like metals (wash them with rust colours) and perhaps some nice yellowing pussy areas.

    For your guy, I would try putting a bit of necrotic green-grey tones on the top of the wounds and going from there.

    Great modelling though!

  2. Thanks! That is actually exactly the plan. So far I've had issues trying to get a suitably grey green going. I know have probably 12 shades of green to work with and I'm sort of making it my goal of the evening. I figure if I do a wide area of a linen grey (looks like dead skin), then go a bit yellowish over the flat areas and greenish over the wound edges, that I can wash the red and purple to blend if with what's there.

    We'll see how it goes >.> I'm much braver with a knife, drill, file, and green stuff than I am with paint, but I'm getting there :)

  3. Pete W. wrote: perhaps some nice yellowing pussy areas.

    That's just gross dude.

  4. Wow...Read it as pus-ee. Even the internet is failing to give me a better spelling, hrm...I'm with OSH, that's not cool Pete.

  5. Oh wow, that is so far from what meant to write that it's not even funny. Well a little bit funny, but totally wrong. My apologies. Feel free to delete the comment.

    Make some yellowing pus-filled areas like you might have with major skin infections or serious pimples.

    Hopefully there is nothing that can be read incorrectly in the above statement.

    PS: OSH, your mind is in the gutter ;-)

  6. I like the addition of the purple ^.^ Though I wouldn't have been able to pick out the yellow on the wings. Comparing it to the prior images, I can see a difference, and it does look subtly better with the yellower wings.

    I find it interesting that you're braver with the knife then the brush... In my experience the knife is the one that can't be undone... The paint can almost always be stripped back to the bare plastic/metal/greenstuff.

    And I can't decide if I'm disappointed that I read Pete's comment as intended. >.>

  7. This is definitely the most unintendedly gross comment I've ever written (impressive consider we're talking Nurgle). I genuinely didn't see anything wrong with it because of the context.

    Anyway, what's wrong with blonde-haired cats? ;-)

  8. Well, the knife bravery stems from solidarity in my modeling direction. I know what I want to do to them and I have steady hands. I also tend to go with small modifications at a time to achieve what might have been done with larger cut more quickly. It keeps me from screwing up too badly.

    I'm also pretty good at "undo"ing those sorts of things with greenstuff.

    The paint cowardice is mostly that I can't undo. I can start over, but I can't just undo that one mess up (I've's hard to remove just a little bit of paint and not really worth the effort.)

    I feel ashamed that I didn't pick up on it...I need to figure out how to get back into that blasted gutter....hrm...

  9. I'm with you on the paint recovery part. It's much easier to bodge a bad cut with glued bits or greenstuff than to just strip/scrape/paint over one small area of paint. At the base coat level it's ok but once you get up into the detailing it's so annoying.

    PS: Thanks :-)