Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RAWR!!!...And I need help with color

First, the RAWR!

I did a bit more sword work, finished gluing him together, and now he needs wings. I'm still really not at all sure where I'm going with those :( And he's still missing shoulder pads. I'm contemplating leaving them off and/or making it look like they fell off his shoulders (from rot) onto the base.

Now onto the color issues. I like the fleshy armour, but I can't get over how incredibly not Nurgle it all looks. I'm planning on going back over the red areas with some kind of dead flesh. A pale white, maybe with a tinge of green, to try to make it look more like rot and less like bright red doom. I need a different trim color too. That green is just...bad. Overall I'm incredibly un-happy with the colors so far. My big problem is I can't figure out where to go and I keep putting it off in favor of converting new models.

I might end up painting a few tester Plague Marines, or maybe even more converted raptors that aren't so heavily converted. This guy doesn't have much left in the way of power armour that isn't deformed in some way and I think it's throwing me off.


  1. I like the idea you mentioned in a prior blog about having ragged membrane, rotten out wings for the RAWR :p

    Let's see, well most real wounds maintain a pink/red/white look when infected... I vote more yellows and whites, maybe a bit of green. Give it more a dead flesh look instead of a vibrant flesh look.

    Not positive what your aim is, but my first thought was the fleshy sections (the ones like the wing membranes) looked too healthy. But when I think Nurgle, my first source of color inspiration (after the obvious 'open wounds') always seems to end up being the corpses that have spent just a little too long at sea. At sea because there has been an increased chance of things growing on it and accelerated decay (which sound Nurgle like to me :p )

    You probably don't need the warning, but if you have a 'weak stomach' you might want to avoid digging up those images. ^.~ >.> This ended up being longer then planned...

  2. Yeah...I googled "Necrotic Flesh" with safe search off. It's pretty ugly, but exactly what I'm going for. The inside is bright with raw flesh and dried blood, but the edges of the wound are very pale, yellow, and swollen.

    I'm going to give it a try, but...I'm a chicken when it comes to paint :) There is no undo button!

    I'm going to give it a shot tonight. I can't come up with any new ideas for wings for the prince yet anyway. The larger scale is what I think is intimidating me. As is a mild incomprehension of how to do anything other than wide open, despite finding a great many examples.

  3. If you decide to go for a greenish-brown hue as the base colour (then add bits of rotten flesh etc.) then I suggest the colour scheme I mentioned in my other post. It's really easy and works best with models that are really detailed like this as their details will pick up the drybrushing and guide the washes really well.

    On the other hand, you should try putting some parts with blonde cat colours in there.....