Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nurgle Daemon Prince

This is what I've been up to this weekend:

I also assembled the Plague Marines you see in the background (2x7 squads), 2 Rhinos, a Baneblade (I'm really excited about this one once I get into Plaguereapering it), and 4 bikes (no riders yet).

I came to the conclusion I'm not going to be able to all out convert my raptors like I did the first test model. It's just too much. I also think smaller conversions across all 14 will make them more unique and interesting per model.

Back to the prince: I would really like opinions on the sword. I don't like it...I think the symbol of Nurgle might just be too small? Maybe a "disc" looking bit behind it to sort of bulk it out into more of a cross piece?

I'm also not at all sure what to do about wings... Do I make my own? Should the be decayed into a sort of skeletal state with scraps of membrane hanging on? I've seen a lot with full on blood thirster size wings. They look cool, but they just don't feel quite right.

This is probably one of the sexiest models I've ever seen:
It's so cleanly, awesomely painted. I'm not sure what the wings are from but they're pretty sweet and blend well with the back that's already there.


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