Friday, December 4, 2009

Did Stuff

Tau Tank Traps
So I've been working on a lot of terrain lately. The most interesting piece, to me, is a set of Tau tank traps. I found these perfect corn cobb holders, pulled the pins out, and wah-lah, tank traps. I'm going to post some pictures in a bit, all I have is my cell phone camera and I left the cord to transfer the images at home.

The overall idea for them is to get a Tau looking tank trap, painted to match my army scheme, that look like they were air dropped in (debris and small craters around were the impacted, thought about making them kind of crooked like they came in at different angles, but technology should be able to drop them in right).

Magnetized Suits
(I'm not going to do a big thing on this because there are soooo many guides out there, but I'll throw up some pictures when I do the traps)

The other big thing I did last night was magnetize my Crisis Suits and one of my Stealth Suits (I only have three so there is only one fusion blaster option). It just occured to me I didn't do the top hard point on the Stealth Suits...I'll remedy that at lunch time.

All in all it was a royal pain of a process, mostly because I used 2 magnets per weapon and getting them next to eachother took some time to figure out. The magnets were 1.5mm in diameter and 0.8mm thick, they fit in the "slots" perfectly. I did 2 per arm, 2 per back "slant" and the 1 per back shoulder (where it's flat). The idea was weapons go on the arms and slants, but things like multi trackers tend to look better flat on top (the systems also lend themselves to a single magnet and are fairly symetrical, where-as the weapons tend to be longer in one direction, making two a lot stabler.). 2 per weapon and weapon point also keeps them from rotating.

All in all it was a pain to get the tiny magnets side by side without them flipping or snapping to their neighbor, but once I got some putty and tooth picks (which eventually became my craft knife) involved it all sped along quite nicely. 10 magnets per suit may be a but much, but I'm a completetionist like that :)

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