Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Repeating myself; The Future; Amazing Kroot Renagade Conversions.

Like I said in my first post, this was a terribad time to start a blog. I have no monies, no time, lots of deadlines, and I'm moving this week. I am getting some stuff done, but I imagine there won't be much here until around the 28th. I have a nice, solid 11 days off of work and class from the 24th to the 3rd.

Things to look forward to:
 - A showcase of all my models (Chaos Daemons, Vampire Counts, and Tau)
 - Potentially a showcase of my new apartment
 - Painting updates
 - Terrain updates
 - Overall improvement of blog look
 - the unveiling of a secret project I'm trying to get going (hobby related, but keep in my mind my profession)

Another related bit of information, my roommate has decided Raven Guard are amazing, which means he's finally picked a chapter and started trying to model what he fields! (he usually proxies...everything almost. Like the Dreadnought, but sometimes the Whirlwind standing up is a Drop Pod...). He's also painting!

The key bit of this is that I'm painting his Dreadnought because I have an unabashed love of Dreadnoughts. I'm considering doing a "Kroot Battlesuit" conversion of a Dreadnought, potentially with tau weaponry.

Something akin to this: Kroot Battlesuit

If you haven't checked out those Kroot Renagades, I STRONGLY recommend it. He has conveted Commanders, Broadsides, Hammerheads, Crisis Suits. and Fire Warriors It's all damn cool.

This one is my favorite by far. The Shaper basically has the Fire Warrior on a leash! It's very anti-Tau philosophy and all, but damn if it doesn't look awesome.

A small disclaimer just for redundancy: Those pictures are from http://www.hivefleetmoloch.de/, used with out permission as thier use was a random tangent and I doubt they know I exist.


  1. Way to comment on my own post, but make sure you note the original pilot's head on the right shoulder of the kroot commander suit.

  2. Those are some fantastic models. I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff as well when you get time.

    I promise that we will get a game in sometime

  3. I've seen these models before on Hive Fleet Moloch.simply amazing!

    this post has inspired me, it's time I built and painted another squad of Kroot...