Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Painted Models

So far I've painted a whole unit of Fire Warriors, the better part of a Devilfish, a single Kroot test model. I'm working on a Crisis Suit, trying to get an idea of what I want the army as a whole to look like. Oh, and I roughly base coated some Stealth Suits...keep forgetting about those. I keep forgetting to do the sept markings on the Fire Warriors too...note to self.

I forgot to take pictures of the Devilfish. Now that I think about it, I might just finish that one up after this post.

Anyway, I really love my Fire Warriors. I feel like, if I did it all over, I could do a much better (read: smoother) job, but I'll have a chance when I get a few more. I also didn't even know they had shin guards until I saw OSH's; I use the pictures from the book to sort of see what they're "supposed" to look like and the shins there are very similar to the under-suit, but live and learn.

This is the only Kroot model I've finished. I like to do one complete model, before moving on to the rest of the unit. It gives me a lot more direction when I'm pulling the assembly line on the other, in this case, eleven. I'm about as happy with him as I am with my Fire Warriors. I'm very much looking forward to seeing both completed units on the table.

You might notice the solid band on the bottom....hair spike? in the second and third picture. I was going to try something similar to the fluffy Kroot in the Codex, but changed my mind. I need to black it out or something and fix it. The rest won't have that.

Ahh, togetherness:


  1. Although the paint or the primer looks a little thick on some of the fire warriors, they look great. Very cohesive. I think an entire army painted like this will be really cool. The kroot fits within the same pallet as well.

    Are you planning to paint the flock? hope so.

    Did you use the Citadel Spray gun?

  2. The primer got messed up on them because it was kind of wet outside and I was impatient...It ended up kind of...bumpy?

    The bases are just sand with a bit of brown wash. Not really sure what all I want to do there.

    I don't have the spray gun, though I really want one.

    I'm working on the Crisis Suit at this very moment. Then I'm going to finish up the Devilfish to get an idea of what it will all look like. (I'm assembly lining the rest of the Kroot while I'm waiting for stuff to dry.

  3. They look good. I also tend to do a single model as a test subject before I kick off the assembly line. It's nice because you can always change away from that scheme if you decide you don't like it.