Friday, December 4, 2009

Tau Tank Traps

Tau Tank Traps : WIP

So these are my Tau Tank Traps I'm working on. I'm trying to decide between these two varients, with or without rubble. They aren't done being built yet either. I'm going to work up craters around each trap to make it look like they were air dropped in.

My roommate likes the "naked" ones because it "looks like dirt". I would probably add some small rocks and possibly something around the more central area (like in between the craters) and along the ridge of the craters to make the "Just dropped in" look more complete.

They obviously need more paint and little details, but what do you think? Rubble? Dirt? Other ideas?

I would also like to apologize for the crappy pictures. They aren't terrible for a cell phone, but it's the only camera I have. Working on that though. C'mon christmas!


  1. I like them. They've got a suitably tau look without being too technological (because how high tech should a tank trap be?).

    One thing though would be to paint them with some tau colouring or even just add a couple of transfers from the tau sheet. That way it could be more apparent that they are tank traps and not some creepy alien plantlife. If you need, I've got a small piece of track from a Land raider that you can add as wreckage. That would give them that little extra vibe.


  2. i was going to do a bit more painting on them, just to add the sort of "secondary" color of my army, and throw some of the larger T'au transfers on there, as I can't come up with too many better uses for them.

    I was thinking of trying some cratered ground, possibly with a dismembered space marine (like it landed on him with bits all around) to give it some flavor.

    Something like this: Miniwargaming: Craters

  3. Sounds good. It'd be a great use for the big tau transfers as well. I have so many sheets of those now that I've hardly touched.

    Sounds good about the marine corpse as well.

  4. I just have to convince my roommate to let me ripe one of the apart. Shouldn't be too hard. Waaaaay back when he first started playing (he was ~12 I think, he's 23 now) he used hot glue to put his models together. It's been driving me crazy so I've been slow dismantling his vehicles and reassembling them with plastic glue and green stuff (they're soooo warped) to make them look right. I think this might make him feel a bit generous with one tactical marine.

    Hrm...might a scout be a better idea? sort of like they fell out of the sky on a forward guy? It's probably 6 one, half a dozen the other, but it just occured to me.

  5. That could be cool. You could dismember him around the ground by the tank trap crater. A little gore and you have a very characterful (and grimdark) piece right there.

    I think you could go either way with the model. A tactical marine would probably be easier because of how modular they are, but a scout might make more sense as the marines would probably recover the dead guys power armour more than they would bother about a scout's gear.

  6. I'm going a little crazy in my head with this: making it a bit modular by making the dead marine magnet in, and then making a tyranid to match. That way I can match it to my roommates armies....hrm...

    Either way today is move in day, so I'll actually start working on it soon.