Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So eBay is awesome...

I've been lurking in eBay for a while now. Basically bidding $1.00-$2.00 on everything Warhammer related I might want hoping one day to get lucky. I realized that probably wasn't ever going to happen, so I started upping it to $10.01-15.01 depending on what it was. It has yielded some nice results.

So far I've managed (all with free shipping):
CSM Attack Squad (5 CSM, no special weapons or champion): $5.51 (Normally $20.00)
2x CSM Rhino: $20.01 (Normally $30 each!)

Chaos Warhounds: $10.01 (Normally $22.00)
Nurgle Champion: $2.00 (Normally $15.00)

I'm really happy about one little thing I treated myself to, a Baneblade. $52.25 (including shipping). It's a $99.00 model, so really it's a damn fine deal. I'm going to attempt a Plaguereaper with it! Very exciting!

So the point of all this wasn't really to brag, so much as to inspire you guys to look around. If there is something you know you want, but aren't really concerned with getting it right now or even at all really, eBay is a great place to go. Listings go up for $0.99 everyday. Bidding $5-$10 on a $50 model is satisfying when it comes through. Not to mention the new toy you won :)

Here's hoping this Venerable Dreadnought comes though at $7.51...23hours left! It probably won't. Someone will snipe it up to a good $20 at least, but that's okay. For now my problem is I need to go  back to $1-$2 for a month or so. That way I'll actually take me time to do the ones I've won right and avoid spending too much money.

Buying a $99 model for half price is cool, but, if you also spend ~$50 on other models, you still spent $100!

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