Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where do you buy your models, etc. (Also some rambling)

I've been buying stuff from Games Warehouse (thanks Adam, from Warhammer Tau, for having the Ad on your site) for a few months now. 20% discount and free international shipping, it's hard to beat. Yesterday I got an e-mail from them saying they will no longer be delivering outside of the UK...

Now I have a problem. I really don't want to go back to paying full price. I really feel like the 20% off is where the prices ought to be. A $72 battalion/battle force is just so much easier to justify than $90, and the prices are only going up.

So where do you guys get your models? I've found a few 10% places, but the consistent (not on sale) 15%-20% is proving more difficult to find, though I'm probably just being greedy :)

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A bit more of an update: I've become Nurgle obsessed lately. I'm working on a complete Warriors of Chaos battalion + Exalted, painting, based, with movement trays, and possibly a custom palanquin (I can't figure out how I want to do the underside). Imbetween that I'm also working on my wife's wood elves. The Dryads are almost done (probably done tonight) and looking quite nice. I'm really happy with them.

All in all I seem to have needed a bit of a 40k reprieve, so it's been a lot of Fantasy lately. I'll post pictures sometime late this week. Probably including my roommates Raven Guard Dreadnought that has been half finished since I took it apart 2 months ago.

Hooray for making goals (and sticking to them so far)!

On a related note: The new Imperial Armour 8 is supposed to feature Raven Guard and Orks. I'm curious to see what all they come out with :)

Has anyone tried Battle Missions?


  1. The only shop I can think of off hand that sells GW merchandise at 20% off is The War Store.

  2. I have heard of them before. I didn't realize the discount was so nice. Flat $5 shipping is nice too.

    I'm a little bit leery of e-mailing someone my credit card number...

  3. Hey Dhinata.

    Being in the US, you should definitely look at the Warstore for a solid 20% of GW and good prices for warmachine, malifaux and many other things. They also have a great selection of modelling tools, terrain and the like. Their shipping is quick and the team there are really responsive to emails or enquiries.

    Otherwise I like Wayland Games in England. Their prices are similar to Gamer's warehouse and shipping for an order I put together (Tau battleforce, few other boxed sets) was about £3.50, so very cheap.

    Maelstrom games is also good but they work out slightly more pricey than Wayland.


  4. For reference, I didn't email my number to the warstore. I just used a regular shopping cart-type purchase when I went on there. I know you can't do this for GW stuff but I just put in the notes what I wanted and they added that onto my order easily.

  5. Thanks, that's some good information. I don't even know why I'm so afraid of e-mailing or calling it in. It's not like they can't look at the order and see the number :)

    I think I'll try Warstore in the notes. Thanks guys.

  6. Most of my Tau army was purchased at my FLGS, including the two Apocalypse formations I purchased during a Black Friday sale a couple of years ago. Since then, it's mostly been a matter of getting bits to touch up what I have. My most recent model purchases were a couple of Devilfish sprues from the Warstore, and I have to say I'm very happy with their prices and selection.