Friday, March 19, 2010

About all that Nurgle I've been talking about...

This is pretty picture heavy, so I apologize if it hurts your computer :) Click them for higher resolutions.

This is the Nurgle Palanquin I've been working on. The idea is Nurgle's favored champions are ocassionally blessed with a great palanquin. They're born on the backs of great plague beasts or mounds of swarming nurglings.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. The slime beast on the bottom is really a ball of foil I covered in green stuff. I've seen the idea in a couple of places and it's turning out to be a great way to make a base shape. Cheap, and you don't care if you mess it up!

The actual palanquin is just square plasticard made to look like hewn wooden planks. I added some nurgley mounds on top, some little clumps of stuff on the bottom hanging down, etc. The real problem I'm having is trying to differentiate between the wood and the leathery skin. The idea is several planks were laid down in a solid base, then a section of hide, presumably from a great kill, was laid across it, and then the four framing boards were put down in a square to make the border.

My real problem is differentiating the two in color. Any suggestions for leathery hide or wood?

Other than that I'm planning on one big eye on the front, with mouth similar to the beast in the pictures and some tentacle things dragging behind it leaking/spewing/dumping filth behind it. Nurgle's kind of gross like that :)

I really hate the post editor here for trying to layout pictures...


  1. That is looking really good to me and good tip on the foil. Did you sculpt that figure yourself as well?

  2. I did the palanquin and the beasty carrying it. The model next to it is just a Beast of Nurgle for scale and the Guy riding it is a WFB Champion of Nurgle.

    He does kind of look like green stuff huh...but that's just a base coat and a wash. I wish I was even close to that good...

  3. I think the palanquin and beasty are really nice so don't feel like your skills are lacking.

    It was the green colour that makes him look sculpted. The 2nd picture down on the left is the kicker. I was about to say, Dhinata, fancy sculpting me something :-)

    Good work nonetheless.

  4. Yeah you're right, the shininess of it does look sculpted. I am actually going to try something on that scale sometime soon. I've been doing a lot of it lately and I'm feeling bold :)

  5. I'm not a painting guru by any stretch, but on the lumber vs leather I have a thought. Have you ever seen those really old wooden decks on houses? The lumber in those seems to turn a gray color. Put that with how Nurgle tends to age and decay everything around, a more gray/brown for the lumber and a tan/brown for the leathery parts might give you the distinction between them you want.

  6. I actually really like that idea. I'll give that a shot. Thanks Oniakki.

  7. Glad I was of help ^.^

    And I forgot to say it in my first comment, but it looks really good so far. ^^ I'm looking forward to seeing the beast staring back!

  8. I like the foil idea (need to use that) and your palanquin is looking great - a real centrepiece for your army.