Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flesh Reaper Test Model: MOAR PICTURES!

(As usual, much higher res images if you click the images, and I'm sorry all I have is a cell phone to take the pictures with.)
This is my test model for the Flesh Reaper raptors. I don't really like him for a Flesh Reaper just because they're supposed to be rotting and gaunt and I didn't really achieve that. I did build him in completely the wrong order and I'm still not done with him.

There is no work on the backpack at all. The stomach has been carved out and will soon have flaps of flesh hanging down from it.

The streams coming down from vents are ultimately going to be streams of filth, splashing on the base.

I have some regular CSMs coming in the mail in a few days, so I'm trying to do as much with him as I can to be ready for those.

All that said, I do think he's pretty cool :)


  1. That's some nice work Dhinata and I think your sculpting skills are nicely developed. You might not be far from making your own miniature from scratch :-)

  2.'re sweet :P

    I don't know that I'll get to the point of making a humanoid mini from scratch. I don't see a terrible lot of point considering the amount of effort involved in building up the base form vs the number of plain models there are that you can repose and start from. A few days ago I even saw a place that sold smooth humanoid models with no detail expressly for the purpose of a starting point (Can't remember where it was, though I could probably find it again).

    I'm really anxious to get the CSM that are already in the mail so that I can try something more like this with the body:

    An sketch I found when I looked around for someone else trying to do wasted looking marines, as opposed to the much more typical bloated.

    The wasting Daemon Prince I will most likely be building from scratch after I get the hang of the marines. I'm going to do my best to take my time and plan it out now that I've experienced how incredibly much more difficult it is to do the "big things first" (i.e. attaching a scythe across the torso and wings to the about shooting yourself in the foot early)

    I always feel like my comments are turning into posts...too much time spent lurking in forums :)