Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A new Flesh Reaper!

This is my first Chaos Marine. I've begun converting him into a Flesh Reaper (Raptor). His feet are rotting away. The left (his left) foot is, ideally, going to end up as an intestine tube looking thing, most likely spewing the same filth the first one had coming from the vents on his pack. The idea is to try to mix up how they're suspended in mid air. I'm also liking the rotting horns, especially the one that's rotting close to the head and almost falling off.

The guts are what he was really a test of, and they came out perfect. I cut into the hollow middle where the body halves met and stuck some rolls of "organ" shaped green stuff in there. Then I drilled some matching holes on the top and bottom, and stuck some green stuffed wire in there. I think for the next one, instead of hollowing it out, I'm just going to cut straight across like he's rotted straight through, his body only held together by some remaining tendrils of flesh, bone, and/or muscle.

Further plans for this one: Bore out some holes going up the leg to sort of show that the leg is rotting all the way up in the armor. Some general texture-ing to make it a bit less smooth and more Nurgley. Still not 100% on what I'm doing with the arms or the backpack. He is going to have a bolt pistol and a hand scythe (think Kama, Wikipedia: Kama (weapon)). I'm also not looking forward to making anymore wings...But I shall carry on!

Coming up next: the first Flesh Reaper....PAINTED! *Gasp!*


  1. That looks really good!

    As you've made the wings from scratch, you could make molds of the wings and then cast them. If you pull the casts a bit early while the resin is still soft, you can bend and warp the wings to get different poses.

  2. Thanks! Casting supplies are definitely on my list of things to get. One problem is the initial investment is mildly pricey, and I've found that whenever I encounter something that has a price greater than models, I want to buy more models :)

    The other issue is a severe lack of space that I could safely do the castings. One day day.

    My original thought was to use the wings from the new gargoyle kit. 10 pair and some bits for $25 isn't bad. Every bits store I've checked has been out of them since the launch :( Even if I cut down the big armish part close to the body, it would be a lot faster than making my own again.

    I basically drew the shape onto wax paper, pressed the green stuff into the outline, and then spent a good 20minutes getting them thinner and thinner before pressing the wire into place. Then I waited about an hour for them to harden a bit, pulled the wing off the wax paper, and used a tooth pick to get the curvature in each segment. Then I messed up and made a second left wing because I used the same outline without turning the paper over >.< Then I got it right and made the right one :)

    All in all a good 5 hours to make one pair. I imagine it would be substantially faster now that I've got it down. I did them one at a time because I still had no clue who I was going to go about it. The only issue is I need 12.5 (+0.5 for the accidental second wing makes 13 more raptors) more pairs >.<

  3. Yeah, I understand that thought process. It took me a while to get a transport case for my minis as at $75-$100, I could buy quite a number of additional miniatures. I did finally get one though as I got tired of scratching my paint.

    At Hobby Lobby (I think they have those back East), you can get in for about $30, $15 for the silicone and $15 for the resin. (Which I know, is about a troopers box.) But with that you should be able to mold a lot of parts. For $20 there is also a silicone putty instead of a liquid that allows molds to be made a bit easier. Though mine have always had issues standing on their own due to their amorphous shape, they are a great way to get some detail off a piece of larger material.

    And I might 'borrow' your raptor design, if your don't mind, after I've gotten a couple of the in progress things I'm working on finished. I've wanted to make a raptor squad with wings instead of jump packs, just wasn't willing to buy enough chosen kits to get the winged backpacks (as I don't actually play chaos).

    No matter what you decide, I'm still watching your progress, enjoy and good luck! ^^

  4. You flatter me, sir. The whole point of putting it all on the internet is to share and garner opinions. Hopefully yours come out still better than mine :)

    Do you mean this guy?

    The Chosen don't have wings, but I realized the one possessed guy does. I remember having a similar thought about buying the box for the wings. They're about as popular as Gargoyle wings in bits stores >.<

  5. Yeah sorry, the possessed. Guess it just goes to show how much I don't play chaos ^.^; And they're probably popular for the very same reasons :p