Friday, January 15, 2010

A List of Projects

This is mostly me rambling, trying to figure out what I'm doing. I have so many half done projects with even more ideas for new ones. The big one: I really want to make a Tau Bastion. A giant tower with Twin-linked Pulse Rifles on each side and a pintle-mounted Ion Cannon on top? Big crated on the ground where is was dropped in? Some walls that look like the expanded out from the base after it landed?


Tau to paint:

Finish Kroot: They're like 90% done and I'm just being lazy.
Finish Devilfish: ~75% complete, still not happy with the large smooth areas.
3 Crisis Suits: These will probably be the hardest for me to get motivated to do. They're assembled and that makes it kind of not easy to do the inside areas well. Still trying to work out a better way for that.
3 Stealth Suits: These are sort of painted, they need some detailing, but I'm still not happy with them just looking like everything else in my army. They're supposed to be camo'd and special and whatnot. Not sure what I want to do with them though. Potentially explore more of an entirely black suit with a "glowing" look that I mentioned a few days ago.
Lots of Gun Drones: May never happen. Unless I start using some.
A Marker Drone: May never happen. Unless I start using it.

Daemons to paint:
Daemonettes: Finish painting and basing the other 19.
Masque: Paint it.
Bloodletters: Fix the two the dog chewed on (Grr!). Possibly some work on the hellblades. Mostly just done.
Juggernaut #2: Repaint to be not a  black rhino with a green bloodletter...some ideas just don't work out.
Flamers: Highlighting
Pink Horrors: Possible stripping and try again.
Flesh Hounds: Finish bases.
Karanak: Finish base and highlight/wash.
Bloodthirster: Finish. (need to work up the skin to a nice bright red and detail)
Screamers: Detailing.
Lord of Change: Finish his beak and glue his damn pieces together you lazy bastard! (I yell at myself for this one all the time. I'm particularly proud of a few select models, and this is one of them. It's like 99% done and I just need to sit down and do it.)
Skulltaker: Clean-up and some better detailing. He was one of my first models (I think my first warhammer purchase was Skulltaker, 10 Bloodletters, 10 Daemonettes, and 3 Flamers)

That list is kind of funny for someone who only really ever wants to play mono-Nurgle (All my Nurgle units are painted, heh)

The Tau Tank Traps need finishing.
Tau Bastion: This is my next big project.
Set of Tunnels: I wanted to make a set of "tunnel" representing pieces for coolness and/or stratagems, should I ever play anything that uses them. I also thought I could make them look pretty cool, disguising them in various ways. This might get abandoned.
Craters: I want to make some. Probably following something like this: Miniwargaming: Crashed Asteroid

Number one right now: Finishing my roommates Dreadnought. I have a very very very odd love of Dreadnoughts. I like mech-like suits. I always have. Mechwarrior, Armored Core, etc. Anything with an oversized robot with interchangeable parts and I'm in.

Hid Dreadnought is from an age of metal. It's a heavy little sucker, with no base. Anyway, he finally picked a chapter, Raven Guard, so I offered to paint it for him (more like asked if he'd let me, which I had asked multiple times, to which he responded "Then I'd have to pick a chapter."). I've been poking at it for ~2 weeks, but it's a PITA to paint assembled. So I found this guy who suggested boiling it. Literally. I boiled water and dropped him in for 30minutes. Worked like a charm.

Now that he's apart hopefully he'll be done soon, and I'm working on finishing my Kroot while in between Dreadnought stages (waiting for things to dry). Infantry is so hard. The test model is all exciting, but then you try to replicate it 11 times and painting the same stock 4 or 5 times, I just don't want to do the other 6 >.<

That's enough rambling, back to work...


  1. That looks like a good list to be getting on with. It's definitely helpful to lay out all the things that you have to do before you go about taking on more projects or buying more models. Basically just look at doing something that's a grind piece and then go do something fun or easy.

    From your list I give you this order:
    Grind = kroot, fun/easy = highlight flamers
    Grind = devilfish, fun/easy = Kharanak base
    Grind = build dreanought, fun = paint dread

    If you want an easy way to paint up stealth suits to look all camoed and funky with no effort then:

    - Paint them dark angel's green
    - Lightly stipple/drybrush dheneb stone randomly on them.
    - Lightly stipple/drybrush Catachan Green randomly on them.
    - Lightly stipple/drybrush Bestial/scorched brown randomly on them.
    - Very lightly stipple iyanden darksun (dull yellow) on them
    - Wash the whole model with badab black/devlan mud.
    - Paint the eye/sensor section with bleached bone on the raised rims.
    - Paint the eyes/sensors red

    This sounds like a lot of steps but you can do this in about 5 minutes per suit (plus drying time). I also did my marker drone the same way. My thinking was that the Tau would plan for the risk of a stealth field failing by adding basic painted camo underneath.

    Do this over the course of two weeks and you'll have a unit of kroot, flamers, a devilfish, Kharanak, the dread and your stealth suits done.

  2. The worst part about Karanak is that the Flesh Hounds I got at the same time are completely painted. He just looks goofy next to them >.<

    I think I'll give your list a shot, putting the Dreadnought first. I disassembled it, so my roommate can't use it until it's done. I'm painting it unassembled with touch-ups afterwards.

    I don't know if it's typical, or we have similar taste, but finishing the flamers does sound like a lot of fun. They're just cool models.

    I don't know how easy Karanak's base is going to be to finish >.> They're kind of complex, as bases go. Cool lava bases though, if I do say so myself :)

  3. Well mostly I just was trying to give you some direction to go with small projects after bigger ones. I like it when I have the base colours done and then go back to models. I managed to finish my kroot remarkably quickly after I'd done the base coats and put them aside. I got started and it took so little time that I was done much sooner than I expected. If all you need are a few smallish highlights then you'll have a set of flamers finished and looking great in no time. That's just the kind of pick up you need after slogging through the kroot.

    Good luck in any case. I made a project list like this when the new year came around but it is hard to make a dent in some parts of it (i.e. I can paint ten models reasonably fast but writing 15,000 words to finish the novel is tough).

    PS: Love the bastion idea.

  4. My kroot need the sotck of their guns painted, the cloth sashes, and then the random jewelry and cloth bits. They're SO CLOSE to done...

    I've been trying to sketch it out, but I'm a bad artist. I'm more of an architect in that I need lines and to scale and what not. Quick sketches never come out right >.<