Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shield Drones!!!

Horray! My shield drone conversion kits showed up. I ordered 2 of them (makes 8 Gun drones into shield drones). I really feel like they could have included the plastic disks (the top part) for the $9 they cost, but meh. The glue is drying atm, so pictures later (probably painted. Drones are easy).

Here's a link for them: Games Workshop: Shield Drones
They're buries in the menus. They don't show up in Tau bitz or in the Warhammer 40,000 -> Bitz -> Conversion Packs. They're in Warhammer 40,000 -> Bitz -> Misc -> All the way at the bottom.

The only other places to get them are with the XV15 Shas'ui (comes with 1), or Shadowsun (comes with 2).


  1. I love that bitz pack. I have so many extra gun drone sprues (thank you, Rapid Insertion Force box) that I was only too happy to sacrifice a few to have shield drones without kit-bashing them.

  2. I would have ordered some myself, however I'm more tempted to convert some using shoulder pads from the firewarriors I intend to make into pathfinders (hate metal models).

  3. You can also convert them from adding shield generators to regular gun drones...I think I'll post a guide on drone conversions to my blog next week.

  4. I've seen a lot of those shield generator + gun drone = shield drone guides, but I've never seen one that looked good enough to not look like a fake...if that makes any sense. They're all essentially "glue the shield generator to the bottom and paint".

    The other side of that is I'm really anal about some things so it either has to be "right" or awesomely different. The problem is, like OSH's hands, I don't like to copy the awesomely different ideas...