Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Slannesh Pillow Bases Part 2: The 15minutes paint job

So I never painted my Daemonettes, but I wanted an idea of what it would look like.


  1. Nice paint job. I love two-tone schemes like the one here.

  2. Well, it's actually a really bad picture. The armour and claws are trimmed in gold (the hard edges of the claws). The eyes are the same dark purple as the pillow base.

    Originally way back when (over a year ago), I was going to paint them very pale with some varying tints (Green and Purple for two different units) with silver trimmed armour. The friend who was over that inspired me to make the pillow bases, however, LOVES pink.

    Like she's pretty cool, definetly one of those girls that can "hang with the guys" while still being a girl, if that makes sense. Despite all that she LOVES pink. Like Leagally Blonde, sterotypical blonde cheerleader loves it. So I made the pillow bases pink and purple and painted her with crazy pink hair.

    I like it almost enough to clean this one up and paint the other 19 + Masque, but Nurgle is my true patron, and I have plenty of Tau to paint :)