Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I has one!

I'm going to need some bigger magnets for the turrets (Railgun, Ion Cannon, Skyray missle's). I'm basically following this guide (it's a 2.42MB pdf), except I'm going to try something a bit different with the three front turrets to make a it a bit easier to switch out weapons, while still being able to glue everything on except the 2 burst cannons, targeting array front piece, and smart missile systems. It will require some extra magents, but only like 6. I figure I got 100 for a couple of dollars, I can spare 6 to make my life easier. I just know I'm going to lose parts if I don't...

The idea is to put two magnets on either side of everything. That means in the holes on either side of the SMS, cutting off the nubs on the inside of the SMS/BC drone mounts and putting 2 magnets where the nubs where, Cutting off the part that the nub goes into on the BC and putting 2 magnets there, attaching something to the back of the targeting array bit to get a magnet on either side of that, and then fitting 2 magets into the bottom...hemisphere thing that has grooves for it.

That all seemed very confusing. I'll take some pictures later and draw on them to show you what I mean. I'd like a bit of "That should work." or "DON'T DO IT! OMG!" before I ruin the only one of these I'm going to have for a little while :)


  1. I has one too!

    I think the skyray is a really cool model and also seems to have some real battlefield presence that I like. I'm planning on getting another kit to make a hammerhead and using the seeker missiles to arm up one of my Ramshackle vehicles for some crazy gaming fun.

  2. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of Gun Drones. Not because I lack Gun Drones, but because I just bought enough little upgrades for 8 Shield Drones, but have 6 left because I need more top bits (not to mention I was considering making random TL-Pulse Carbine sponsons out of the remainders).

    I had actually completely forgotten about the existence of the Ion Cannon. Since I'm magnetizing anyway, I think it's going to be the top mount for the Bastion.

    I'm excited to get it (the tank) done, but kind of bumming that I need to wait for magnets. I knew I should've gotten them when I got the others...

  3. I'm only fielding a Hammerhead at the moment but the lure of a Skyray it proving Vast. Can't wait to see how it goes I like the thought of all that versatility.

  4. So I don't use any markerlights. Marker Drones are expensive; Pathfinders are static.

    I've used a Skyray one time, in the last Tau game I played. It was table quarters, my opponent went first. Playing a Raven Wing Drop Pod army, He dropped all of his pods in my quarter. At the time we were confused about the rules (though reading them it's quite clear that you pick an edge...we failed) and thought your "table edge" was the two edges that comprised your corner. This made it VERY cramped...

    I had reserved my whole army, when thing started coming in I got 2 Devilfish (Warfish, 6 Fire Warriors inside each) and my Skyray.

    They killed 20 Tactical Marines. Markered each squad, both hit. 6 Rapidfire Fire Warriors and a Warfish on each squad of 10, used the lights for the Fire Warriors. They all died. 19 S5 AP5 shots against 10 Marines shouldn't kill them, but it did that day :)

    It was lucky, but it put the Skyray a special place for me.

  5. Sidenote: in the same game my Stealth Suits dodged a command squad of 5 Plasma Guns (I think) because he rolled double 1's to spot them. They were only 8.5" away :)

  6. Sidenote also: Never buy the hammerhead kit as the skyray kit comes with all the same bits plus extra parts.

    Not sure if it comes with gun drones like the devilfish but drones are cheap enough to get hold of.

  7. That's exactly why i bought the Skyray kit. The Devilfish is the only one that actually comes with the drones apparently. They're easy to find, and cheap enough. I was just hoping :)

  8. Yeah, just pull them from your Fire warriors in the battleforce. That's actually a good place to get drones as you get 2 from FW, 2 from Crisis, 2 from DF and a marker drone from the stealths.

  9. So I already assembled most of those drones. I might end up twisting the bottom off and drilling the hole out to make them into shield drones....too many projects!