Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shield Drone detail close-up

NockerGeek commented on being unable to really see the definition of the shield drones recesses, so this is a not so great picture of the drone. It's a good way to see the details though and maybe seeing it blown up will make it easier to see when looking at the other pictures.


  1. It's a really subtle effect. There's not a lot of contrast, although that might be the fault of the camera; in person, it may very well be more noticeable. If it were me going for a glowing effect, I'd try something much brighter for the lit recess. Maybe Scorpion Green, or even a Scorpion Green/Sunburst Yellow mix, with a ring of a softer blended ring around the recess marking the transition/glow effect. Just my two cents, though - your mileage may vary!

  2. tl;dr - I agree that it may be too subtle, but want to get more painted to see how it stands out as a whole before changing it because I like the way it looks per model, in person.

    I've contemplated it. I want to get a bit more of my army painted so I can see it as a whole before I change anything because, as of right now, I like the look on a per model basis.

    I have two problems with my scheme so far: I think the Kelly Green details might be too subtle, in which case I want to do what you suggested and put a brighter color in the recesses and blend it out. And I need sept markings.

    Right now I have a very clean look, but I think it might be a bit boring and keep the individual units from sort of...looking different while looking like part of a whole. Unique but cohesive I guess. I'm hoping the sept marks will be the missing detail, but I've been a bit worried about the recess color since I finished my Fire Warriors and took the pictures.