Saturday, January 2, 2010

Slannesh Pillow Bases

A friend I haven't seen in a few years was over for New Year's. She works with Sculpey clay a lot, making tiny animals and such.  
(For those who don't know, my first army was Chaos Daemons) 
While she was making some very tiny penguins, I was showing her my daemons. I did a whole set of lava bases for my Khorne units (20 Bloodletters, 2 Bloodcrushers, 5 Flesh Hounds, Karanak, Skulltaker, and a Bloodthirster). I did slime bases for my nurgle units (1 Beast, 4 bases of Nurglings, and 10 Plaguebearers). For Tzeentch I want to do multi-colored crystals (I got some fish rocks, but haven't tried making a base).

All of that to say: Of all the Chaos Gods, Slannesh is sort of my least favorite. I'm not sure why, I think it's mostly what the Dark Prince stands for, but, either way, it is this god that I picked that most complex bases to do. I wanted to do piles of gold coins and bolts of silk. I ended up abandoning that in favor of plushy pillows, but I never actually tried it out. 
Below are the first three I tried. My friend took the tools I was using with her when she left, so it's all on pause until I can find them or until she gets me a set (which I think she said she was going to do).

The one on the far left is the first one I did, and my favorite. The second one I didn't push deep enough into the middle to build up the pillow, so it's sort of flat and bad. The third was going great until I got to zoned in and stopped dipping the tool. Green stuff gets sticky, so it kind of looks torn in the upper left corner; you can sort of see it in the picture.

Issuse: Not sure how I'm going to mimic it for my Masque, she might get the gold coins and bolts of silk. What do I do for Fiends or Keepers? I don't have any yet, but I just really like the Daemon models and am sort of shooting for "One of everything".  A pile of pillows could be cool. Any thoughts?

Maybe tomorrow when I'm not tired and stoned on pain killers I'll be more apt to take pictures of my Daemons and the painting I got done the other day. Wisdom Teeth are not cool to get removed when you're running around for the holidays...

Happy New Year!

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