Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shield Drones!!! Part 2: Now with paint!

 That last picture in particular is terribad, but it shows off something I wanted to bring up: Why doesn't anyone seem to paint all 4 eyes on the drones? They do in the Codex images, but most people I see that do close-ups of their drones only paint the forward eye like an eye. My roommate thinks it's probably because it feels more "eye like" with only the forward one painted. /shrug I didn't even realize they had four eyes until I painted these.


  1. The look sort of mono-tone here, but the backside where the little detail is (I don't know what it's supposed to be) that most people paint metal is Tin Bitz washed with a 2:1 Tin Bitz and Black to make it look not so clean.

    I couldn't get a good picture of it on my phone, which is all I have to take pictures with :(

  2. One thing I would recommend would be inking/filling in the line around the inner circle on the top of the drone. I use an 005 black micron pen to ink mine - you could also try doing a dark wash with a small brush and painting over the excess - and the extra definition it adds really sharpens up drone.

  3. So I just posted a better picture so you can see the color in the recesses.

    I contemplated going the black/dark route in the recesses of...well everything; all the Tau stuff has those lines. I decided instead to do a lighter color that would sort of "bleed" over the edges. Hopefully it makes it look like it's glowing.