Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tyranids; Armored Core 5

I found a copy of the new Tyranid codex...there is some truely awesome stuff going on in these 5th edition updates. I really can't wait to see what happens to Tau with their next update. Supposedly it's in 2012, which is sad times for how far away it is, but still awesome for knowing that it's definitely coming.

5th Edition so far (I think):

Imperial Guard - Updated
Orks - Updated
Space Marines - Updated

Tyranids - Updated
Space Wolves - New
Blood Angels - New

That leaves...
Chaos Space Marines

Dark Eldar
Tau Empire
Witch Hunters

(I'm at work and was gone for an hour right here, so I apologize if what precedes doesn't match up with what follows. My mind wanders and I ramble.)

 I left Daemons out because I think they were released in 4th Edition, but it was right before 5th Edition came out, so I feel right saying they're 5th Edition, but don't want to argue with technical people :)

I think Tau have a pretty easy update coming when they get one. Forgeworld has almost done it, the "normal" codex just needs to make it "official" with a couple other things. That said, I hope it's as amazing as this Tyranid update. I liked where Tyranids were, but this 5th Edition codex has blown me away.

If you aren't sure they're awesome, just contemplate this: They have Assault 20 and Assault 12 weapons...on Monstrous Creatures with 6 wounds...Toughness 6...and special rules that make it even crazier. They are very short range, but it's still just awesome. I'll probably ramble more about this once the codex is released and I play against a every other blog will this weekend :)

(I wrote this before I wandered off to meetings for over an hour)

Kotaku: Armored Core 5 leak

I don't know about you guys, but I love Armored Core. With all the District 9 comparisons to Battlesuits I saw running around, I figure this might be worth mentioning. Am I the only Armored Core fanatic out here?

I recently moved into a new apartment, and whenever I move, I always find a bunch of stuff I'd forgotten about. I'm a pack-rat....HUGE pack-rat. Like my wife made me consolidate 9 boxes of "Stuff I just want to keep". I ended up with 4 boxes, and most of what I did was just fill in the empty half of a few without throwing a terrible lot away.

Relvency: I found my copy of Armored Core 4, for the 360. (Sidenote: spelling armor "armour" for so long writing warhammer lists makes it hard not to say "Armoured Core") All of my moving efforts immediately died and I was sucked into trying to recreate a Crisis Suit, in it's various configurations, and a Stealth Suit. I go pretty impressively close to the Crisis Suit. It made it a bit more fun to play.

Dreadnoughts are pretty easy to recreate as well.


  1. I think chaos space marines have one of the more recent codexes, So I wouldn't expect to see an update to them before Tau. You did forget about my beloved Black Templars though. ;-P

    I can honestly say I've never played armored core before. But I agree with you that the new nid codex looks good.

    Have fun

  2. I guess I didn't include Black Templars or Dark Angels. I only included Space Wolves because they have their own section outside of the Space Marine section on the website, and I imagine Blood Angels will too shortly.

  3. The rest of my comment was removed to a post. I put that in the previous comment but apparently it thought it was an html tag because I used the angled brackets >.<

  4. Oh, and Armored Core is a pretty awesome. It seems to be one of those cult games where everyone who likes it LOVES it and everyone else thinks it fails.